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                Sales Engineer

                • 行業:
                • 職位:
                • 招聘部門:
                • 招聘人數:2人
                • 工作地區:北京
                • 工作性質:不限
                • 性別要求:不限
                • 婚姻要求:不限
                • 學歷要求:不限
                • 工作經驗:不限
                • 年齡要求:不限年齡
                • 待遇水平:面議

                To identify, develop and providing superior service to key accounts. - To work with Cluster Head to develop overall sales strategy and cluster specific targets. - To liaise regularly with clusters to develop a strong understanding of market/cluster conditions within the local market. - To share market intelligence, trends and insights with management team, clusters and BU. - To liaise regularly with BU’s to ensure that customer requirements are understood and that me


                • 聯系人:(先生)
                • 聯系電話:
                • 手機:
                • 郵箱:
                • 地址: